5 Places in Greece You Ought to Visit

According to the akanthus stage website , Greece is considered as one of the most culturally richest places in the world which holds a lot of historical significance. Also known as the Hellenic Republic, it can be found in the southeast regions of Europe. There are so many things which are quite distinct about this land, especially when you consider just how rich it is in heritage. It is known as the land where many battles of legend took place, and the birthplace of several empires which have made their mark on the rest of the world. Of course, it also happens to be a popular destination for tourists going on holidays. If you’re looking for a great way to spend your vacation, this is where you can find much enjoyment and relaxation. Below are 5 places you need to check out if you’re thinking about taking a trip there.

Athens is considered as the heart of the land. This is certainly one place not to be missed out on, especially when you’re in store for a lot of truly magnificent sites to visit. In here, you can find truly splendid and breathtaking architecture which was been present for generations. Of course, one of the best spots to visit when you’re in Athens is the Pantheon.

Crete is an island which promises several wonders for you to behold and gawk at. Two of the best spots to check out would be Knossos and Phaistos. Crete is believed to be one of the biggest islands found in the Mediterranean Sea, making it the perfect destination if you want to spend some time at the beach. Aside from that, you’ll also be treated to a lot of mouth watering food, satisfying you gastronomical needs.

Rhodes is an old, medieval place in the continent of Europe which boasts one of the most impressive castles you will ever come across. It also showcases ruins and remnants of the old Greek lands, such as monuments which are of Byzantine origin, Ottoman bazaars and several other works of architecture which exude that medieval feel.
Meteora is a complex which consists of six monasteries, all of which are erected on sandstone rock pillars that were naturally formed.

Cyclades showcases Naxos Island and the Panagia Drossiani. It also has one of the oldest churches in Europe. This is one place in Greece which will certainly offer you quite a lot of adventure.

These are just five of the many other fabulous places you can visit in Greece, Of course when in the country, you shouldn’t miss trying their scrumptious dishes too.